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Police Template

Post by Ravin on Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:48 am

Title: Roleplay name - Sheriff's /Los Santos Department Sworn Application <-------------- (copy and paste as title)

Roleplay name:


What timezone are you in?

Email Address :
Do you understand that you must have an accepted civilian application in order to join the Sheriff's Department?

Do you understand that before applying for the Sheriff's /Los Santos Department you must play as a civilian for two weeks?

Have you read and understood the duty requirements [Deputy; Grade 002] for this position?

Have you had any traffic infractions, within the last two weeks? If so, please list:

Have you ever been convicted of crime (misdemeanor or felony)? If so, please list and explain how long ago:

Do you understand that if accepted, your interview will take place in game? (This interview will consist of a panel of selected individuals by the Division of Human Resources & the Sheriff and/or his designee)

Do you understand that if you pass your interview, you will be allocated a temporary position of Special Deputy until the completion of departmental certified training?

Do you understand that if NO LOA (Leave of absence) is given, and you are not actively playing for 2 weeks, you will be terminated from the Sheriff Department/Los SantoswPrior written notice will be sent by the Bureau of Administration Commander before your termination.  

Provide a DETAILED description of your most memorable role play experience (try to get 150 words):

Tell us about yourself OUT OF CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words):
Tell us why you want to join Erie County Sheriff’s Department IN CHARACTER (Minimum 100 words):
Please answer the following IN CHARACTER:

You and your partner, working a night shift, respond to a possible burglary in progress at a residential structure. When you arrive, you see there are no lights on in the house, and the front door is partially open. Your partner says he/she will go cover the back of the house while you cover the front. You ask for additional units and dispatch tells you they are all busy, but will send the first available car. You then hear the sounds of a commotion at the rear of the house. You approach the back and as you look around the corner you see the following; your partner is on his/her knees, hands in the air, head bowed toward ground, pleading not to be shot. A male is standing in front of your partner, aiming your partner's pistol at your partner's head. The suspect is about ten feet away from you and does not know you are there. What do you do next?

Do you have prior experience as a Officer in this or any environment? If so please explain?

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