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Civilian Template

Post by Ravin on Thu Aug 04, 2016 2:44 am

Hello and thank you for your interest in playing on our community! Before you begin your application, PLEASE ensure you have read and understood our application process. Don't want to get a 2-day cooldown (or longer)? Read this. You must comprehend all the points in that post before making an application as they explain our procedures.

Below this line is the template for our civilian application. Please be sure to copy everything below the line and fill in your answers when posting. Please make your application easy to read.

Please understand that your application could take a few days to be reviewed.

And once your application is accepted, it may take up to 48 hours to do your interview, depending on when you begin to wait in the TeamSpeak channel.

Please be patient with us as you go through the process.

Please remain in the TeamSpeak "Waiting for Interview" channel as long as you can, and your interview will be completed sooner rather than later. Our staff is American-based, and this may affect your waiting time.



FirstName LastName - Civilian Application

What is the first name of your roleplay character?

What is the last name of your roleplay character?

What is your Gta 5 player ID/ license?

What is your birth month and year (MM/YYYY) and age?

Do you have your date of birth visible on your profile? If not, your application will be delayed.

Do you have your display name set to be the same as your roleplay character name? If not, your application will be delayed.

What timezone are you in?

Do you understand and speak fluent English?

In at least 70 words, tell us why you want to join This Clan? What will you bring to the table?

Be honest. You'll fill 70 words in no time.

Give us a background story of your roleplay character in at least 200 words.

Backstories that just center around crime will be denied. Not everyone is a criminal or ex-criminal. This is an elite roleplay clan and all types of people are needed, especially since this isn't a cops versus robbers server. You will be expected to roleplay from your backstory, so make it something you want to actually roleplay.

Did you copy and paste parts of your application from another community?

Do you have any previous experience in Police roleplay?

Are you part of any other roleplay community?

How did you find out about Los Santos Police Department ?

Do you understand it is prohibited to use the Shoutbox or any of means (Twitter, Teamspeak) to ask about your application other than waiting for it to be accepted on the forums?


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