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Post by Ravin on Sat Aug 06, 2016 6:43 pm

All these rules must be followed by all civilians joining the
Police Department Los Santos Roleplaying clan​.

#1 - Do not run from Police when you've been tasered, and/or placed in Hand-Cuffs

#2 - When involved with an RTC or Police pursuit you must be realistic towards vehicle damage

#3 - Cannot use a firearm in RP without an in-game License

#4 - Make sure your RP vehicles are registered

#5 - If you're not active for 6 consecutive RolePlay's without reason, you will be removed

#6 - Anything which is not physically visible in RP in terms of what you're doing for that RolePlay, you must inform the Game-Master. E.G - You're a criminal transporting Guns/Drugs

#7 - You must stick to your RolePlay profession during RolePlay unless otherwise stated by an admin

#8 - Must remain in Party Chat unless engaging with an Officer/EMS/Scenario

#9 - Pay full attention to admins and listen to them. Report any issues to the nearest available admin

#10 - You are advised to follow the law. However unless you're a criminal keep to minor traffic crimes

#11 - Use proximity chat. If you're talking to someone across the map use the in-game phone

#12 - While in Roleplay your crew must set PDLS Civilian (CIVS) as ACTIVE (Crew Link)

#13 - Must complete jobs on Weekdays, Monday - Friday.

#14 - Do not destroy and/or kill players while in the RolePlay session, this counts for before and after briefing as well

#15 - No Musical Horns on vehicles to be used within Briefing and/or Debriefing (Get's Annoying)

#16 - Do Not​ use in game services such as Merry-Weather, Muggers or Lester to attack players

#17 - Only Police officers may enter the grounds of Mission Row or Maximum security prison

#18 - You Must turn off your Radar and over head Gamertag display off

​#19 - Do Not enter the Briefing or Debriefing location of the Police Officers

#20 - If a criminal has stolen your vehicle, don't kick him out as criminals are allowed to steal vehicles, as a result you can message dispatch on the in game phone and tell him that your vehicle has been stolen.

#21 - If you have been shot/stunned you must stop running/walking and become incapacitated where you can then call an ambulance or if tasered, wait till the effects have worn off (30 Seconds)

#22 - Do Not be abusive or use language which may offend. Including but NOT limited to; Age, Gender, Racial, Sexual or Profanity.

#23 - After 6 RolePlays have been missed you will be removed from the Clan

#24 - The use of Meta-Gaming will result in a strike and/or removal from future RolePlays

If you are found to have Broken​ any of these rules the you will be issued a strike. However the Admin team has the right to remove members Immediately due to the severity of the rule broken

The Admin team has the right to Change, Edit and/or Remove any of these rules without notifying clan members.

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