Parker Constantino - Civilian Application

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Parker Constantino - Civilian Application

Post by CampingBoy99 on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:36 pm


FirstName LastName - Civilian Application

What is the first name of your roleplay character? Parker

What is the last name of your roleplay character? Constantino

What is your Gta 5 player ID? XBG63DP

What is your birth month and year (MM/YYYY) and age? 01/2003/13

Do you have your date of birth visible on your profile? If not, your application will be delayed. Yes

Do you have your display name set to be the same as your roleplay character name? If not, your application will be delayed. Yes

What timezone are you in? Central

Do you understand and speak fluent English? Yes

Give us a background story of your roleplay character in at least 200 words. He was working as a patrol officer a never got credit one day there was a disturbance and the big officer told him to respond but the disturbance was a vision that one day he would become a supervisor one day or another and he is trying to make that vision become accomplished. So he starts showing up to his shift earlier and he gets a small promotion by his chief. A couple of months later there is a pursuit and he is in lead. The chase lasts about five minutes until the passenger shoots his wheel and the co crashes in a ditch. Ems responds and brings him to the hospital and the doctor can only put him in surgery to recover from the crash. A week later he can finally leave the hospital and become a officer again. He starts slow so the City Police doesn't think he is able to be a patrol officer again so they tell him he can only work at desk for the rest of his life as a Officer in the city. So he decides to quit and go look for other jobs and sees a sign saying 'Recruiting Officers' so he tries to sign up for LSCS to make his vision a reality.

Backstories that just center around crime will be denied. Not everyone is a criminal or ex-criminal. This is an elite roleplay clan and all types of people are needed, especially since this isn't a cops versus robbers server. You will be expected to roleplay from your backstory, so make it something you want to actually roleplay.

Did you copy and paste parts of your application from another community? No

Do you have any previous experience in Police roleplay? Yes

Are you part of any other roleplay community? Nope

How did you find out about Los Santos Police Department ? YouTube

Do you understand it is prohibited to use the Shoutbox or any of means (Twitter, Teamspeak) to ask about your application other than waiting for it to be accepted on the forums? Yes I do


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Re: Parker Constantino - Civilian Application

Post by Ravin on Thu Aug 04, 2016 3:42 pm

Congratz you have been made a Civilian Smile

pm me or another admin your details to contact you for a interveiw


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